Kujisajili kwenye DITF

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair also known as SabaSaba is the Largest trade fair in eastern and Central Africa.To get Admission,Please consider following.


a).Exhibition of arms, ammunition and explosive is highly prohibited unless specific written permission is obtained from the Government authority responsible.

b).Advertising of a political and religious nature is forbidden unless the political/religious statement in question falls within the thematic scope of the exhibition.

Requirements for the Importation of Pharmaceuticals for the Exhibition

a) Registered pharmaceutical manufacturer or wholesale dealer;

b) Government department e.g. MSD or approved Non-

government health facilities (NGO“s);

c) Authorized person/organization that conduct clinical trials in the country and has an ethical clearance certificate;

d) Person authorized to import drugs for special conditions as exhibitions;

e) The importer has to submit an application for importation of pharmaceutical exhibits to the Director General of Tanzania Foods and Drugs Authority (TFDA) together with a Pro forma Invoice. The Pro forma Invoice should indicate the type and amount of pharmaceutical products to be imported for exhibition. All the imported pharmaceuticals MUST be registered by the TFDA or given special approval for exhibitions;

f) The Proforma invoice and the supporting documents will be scrutinized and if found that they meet all the requirements as specified in the Guideline for importation, they will be approved. A certificate of official approval to import will then be granted;

g) A drug inspector must inspect each consignment of drug upon arrival at the port of entry, before being released;

h) Pharmaceutical products for exhibitions should not be

sold and must be written “NOT FOR SALE” or “SAMPLES FOR PROMOTION” on the pack;

i) Promotional material to be used during exhibition must be submitted to TFDA for approval at least two (2) weeks before exhibition. No fee is charged.

Requirements for the Importation of Food Products for the Exhibition

a) Registration of importer and food products to be imported;

b) Application for importation by filling the relevant forms

with prescribed information;

c) Food must pass through a port of entry indicated in the form;

d) Inspection of the food at the port of entry by the inspector who may release, detain or recommend re-export;

e) Regular laboratory analysis to check compliance;

f) Health certificate from a food regulatory agency and a certificate of analysis;

g) The remaining shelf life of non-perishable food should be more than six months by the time it arrives at the port of entry;

h) Foods found non-complying to specification at the port of entry shall be re-exported to the country of origin at the expense of the importer;

i) Promotional materials need approval by TFDA to prevent misleading information directed to the consumers ;

j) Unregistered food products are not allowed to be sold to consumers;

k) All Exhibitors for food products must have exhibition permit from TFDA.