Kuomba kushiriki DITF

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair also known as SabaSaba is the Largest trade fair in eastern and Central Africa.


a).Application must be made on the official printed application form issued by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority which shall be completed, dully signed and returned/mailed to the Director General, Tanzania Trade Development Authority, Mwl. J.K. Nyerere Trade Fair Ground, Kilwa Road, P.O. Box 5402, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. One copy will be returned to the exhibitor after acceptance.

b).The submission of the application form does not constitute a claim to admission at a later date. By submitting the application form an exhibitor recognizes these Terms of Participation as binding on his part. No account will be taken of unilateral provisions or conditions made in conjunction with the applications. In addition to the Terms of Participation, the conditions customary to the country as laid down by Tanzanian Authorities at the venue of the

exhibition shall also apply, in so far as they are not already taken into account here.

c). If any firm exhibits via its general agent or national representative submits an application, the binding application shall also amount to a declaration that the general agent or national representative thus is entitled to rent a stand on behalf of this firm and to promote its products or services.

d). Application not received on time may not be accepted, the deadline, for application is 31st March. In order to be able to process the applications, data will be stored, evaluated and if necessary, passed to third parties for the purpose of enforcing the contract.