Historia ya TanTrade

Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) was established by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority Act No 4 of 2009 that repealed the Board of External Trade Act No. 5 of 1978 and the Board of Internal Trade Act No. 15 of 1973. It is vested with regulatory powers to perform the activities related to both internal and external trade that had previously been performed by the Board of External Trade and the Board of Internal Trade.

The enactment of a law to establish TanTrade was a major step in concretizing the transformation process of the business of trade in Tanzania. TanTrade is mandated among other things to implement the National Trade Policy, the National Export Development Strategy, the Trade Integration Strategy and the Agricultural Marketing Policy and other sectoral policies all which aim at developing and promoting Tanzania’s internal and external trade.

Following its launch in 2010, TanTrade has been going through a number of processes and making efforts to reposition itself to meet this big goal as evidenced by a number of change mileposts which include defining its own Vision, Mission Statement and the guiding Core values; redefining its functions different from those of the defunct Board of Internal Trade (BIT) and Board of External Trade (BET). In addition, the Authority (TanTrade) has been facing various operational challenges in implementing its current functions and organization structure. The most significant challenges include the need for the Authority to conduct its business in a way that meets the challenges of the day and of the future, some legal developments, changed global trade environment, and the need to refocus the sector to become a significant contributor to the growth of Tanzania’s economy and to the achievement of the objectives of Tanzania’s Vision: 2025. It is therefore necessary to review the current functions and organization structure to address the above challenges and to provide the Authority with efficacy structure that facilitates